Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well, we had our first meeting of the new group I know I had fun. I will think of a time for our next meetings, probably another Wednesday and a Saturday. I think with the holidays right around the corner, our best bet would be to wait for another group until after the holidays are done. Maybe the 2nd week in January. We received a suggestion to hold the group at a different location, so Wednesday groups will still be held at Panera on Cedar Crest and Tilghman, but the Saturday group will be held at a different location (still in Allentown, dont worry) I am thinking of Hava Java on 19th St, but it's on the small side so I'll have to look into that. If anyone has any good suggestions for a Saturday meeting place (preferably not a major corporation) please email either me or Cyndi.
I was also thinking, once we all get to know each other more, and my apartment is more organized, I might hold a mini SnB at my apartment once a month or something. I'll provide us with drinks, and maybe some munchies or something. Just a thought though, not definite on it yet.
Keep checking back here for more updates soon! Everyone have a wonderful holiday!


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