Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Some of the ideas we have for the SnB:

Ok, Cyndi and I have been brainstorming, trying to come up with ideas.
In the old SnB, someone had started a yarn exchange. If you have any yarn you don't want, you bring it along, and add it to the bag, then others can go through and see if they want it. One person's trash, another one's treasure type of thing. That was always fun, and we want to continue that.
Another thing we are going to try is the birthday thing. If you send in the mini questionaire you'll notice we ask for your date of birth. We are trying to work out a way to bring cupcakes or some other treat along on someone's birthday, (if Panera has a problem with it, we'll work something out--get something there or something)
We could do knit-alongs--where if a bunch of us want to work on the same project, we could all work on it together and see each other progress.
We are bringing a donation box, which you dont have to participate in. Any donations will go towards birthday packs, random giveaways (still working on that idea) etc. Anyone who participates will see where the money is going (we'll keep the receipts in the box with a balance of what's left so everyone knows where the money is going) (side note: any questions or concerns on that, feel free to discuss with Cyndi)
Another cool idea I've seen is everyone gets together once or twice a year and knits/crochets objects to give away to a charity. We have alot of shelters around here, or various places where some hats, scarves and the like would be put to good use. Even the hospitals accept baby hats for newborns.
We could do field trips to Local Yarn Shops (or not so local). Cyndi and I like to take random trips to Philly every so often and hit the yarn shops there for some lovely yarn. There are also some great shops locally we could go to. I wanna check out where there are sheep and wool festivals. Maybe we can get a group together for that. When the weather gets warmer, we could take a free tour of Kraemer's Textiles (in Nazareth) and get a free sample of yarn.
(sorry, I'm really talkative right now--just looking forward to all the stitching that is forthcoming)
As Cyndi and I stated in the previous post, we are open to ANY suggestions and ideas you all might have. Don't hesitate to email us, we are friendly people (for the most part, hehe).
Once I see how many regulars we get, I want to put together a directory for us. That way if anyone wants to contact people, they have the means to do so. For example, knitting/crocheting questions with patterns or stitches--each of us have our own talents, and strengths--we could all help each other out. Another example, I get bored alot. I love knitting, and love knitting with others. We could always have mini SnB sessions. Once I get everything in my apartment situated, I won't mind having a small gathering of people come over.
Whew, I think I've rambled about ideas long enough. I'm just uber excited about meeting fellow stitchers. Heh.


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