Thursday, March 09, 2006

I regret to inform you, but due to other commitments and lack of time, I will no longer be co-organizer of the Allentown SnB. From now on, I leave all the responsibility of organizing up to Cyndi. I will try to make it to some of the future meetings, but right now I have so much going on and not enough time to get everything done.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Hi I hope every one is having a wonderful year so far. I just wanted to suggest that if anyone has any yarn that they don't want. Please bring it to the meeting coming up and we can start that yarn stash to share with each other I know I have plenty of yarn that others may get inspired to knit something or even exploring new yarns without having to pay for it. So, bring yarn if you want or even just route through the bag to see if there is anything that you may like. Hope to see you at the meeting.


Sunday, January 01, 2006

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. I know that I am relieved to be done with my holiday knitting and am excited to be able to start knitting for myself again. I was contemplating when the next SnB should be, and I figure people still need time to unwind from the holidays, so the next one will be Wednesday, January 11th at Panera Bread again. (7:00)
I am almost done with getting my apartment in order, so we should be able to hold a few SnB's here soon. Maybe February we can try that out. The only thing is, there is limited seating, so I can only hold a maximum of 6 people. (small living space kinda sucks) People may need to bring a cushion or something so they can be comfortable. More to come on that topic later.
Well, I'll end this here, and I hope to see you all on January 11th!


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Well, we had our first meeting of the new group I know I had fun. I will think of a time for our next meetings, probably another Wednesday and a Saturday. I think with the holidays right around the corner, our best bet would be to wait for another group until after the holidays are done. Maybe the 2nd week in January. We received a suggestion to hold the group at a different location, so Wednesday groups will still be held at Panera on Cedar Crest and Tilghman, but the Saturday group will be held at a different location (still in Allentown, dont worry) I am thinking of Hava Java on 19th St, but it's on the small side so I'll have to look into that. If anyone has any good suggestions for a Saturday meeting place (preferably not a major corporation) please email either me or Cyndi.
I was also thinking, once we all get to know each other more, and my apartment is more organized, I might hold a mini SnB at my apartment once a month or something. I'll provide us with drinks, and maybe some munchies or something. Just a thought though, not definite on it yet.
Keep checking back here for more updates soon! Everyone have a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hi My name is Cyndi it's my turn to formally introduce my self. I am 22 (my birthday is August 18th) and currently still living at home with mom and dad. I am in the process of finding my own apartment. I love to knit I have been knitting for about a year. I also crochet but I can only do the basics. I have knitted so many things: baby blanket, hats, scarves, and purses. My largest finished object was the baby blanket I made for a co-worker. I want to learn how to make mittens. Aside from knitting I love to watch movies(drama and comedy are my favorite) I like to read.(the last book I read was Lucky) The music I like ranges in various artists. (No Doubt has always been number one) I am a smoker and a chocoholic. And last but not least I smile and laugh a lot. I have a goofy and unusal laugh. I am so excited about gettting a group together to knit with it. I look forward to meeting you!


Now that I'm full of energy, I realized that I never told you about myself, so allow me to borrow your eyes again for a mini intro:
My name is Jessica, I'm 28 (will be 29 on January 23rd). I live in Allentown, near the fairgrounds. Not married (still tryin to find a guy that shares my love for yarn, heh), no kids, no pets. I am a smoker, I love caffeine (gee, is that obvious?). I've been knitting for a little over a year now, started it to relieve some of the stress that I was dealing with at that time (long story). I've mostly knitted scarves (my biggest accomplishment was knitting a Harry Potter, Slytherin scarf in time for the release of the latest movie). After I finish my holiday knitting, I plan on learning how to knit socks and armwarmers. Eventually I would like to make sweaters, but there's plenty of time for that later. I love movies (mostly horror/thriller and comedy), books (Current favorite being "Wicked" by Gregory Maguire, still waiting to read the sequel, "Son of a Witch"), music--I pretty much can listen to anything. I've been listening to a lot of calmer stuff lately, I'm a HUGE Tori Amos fan. I am fairly sarcastic and very goofy. I love to laugh. I have a dark side, but who doesn't? (not to worry, I'm hardly a sociopath or anything, well, outside of work anyway). Oh yeah, work. I work for an insurance company. My actual job title is a "Claims Data Entry Clerk". I like to call myself an idiot doing a monkey's job. Basically, I answer phones, transfer calls, idenitify mail and do various other mindless, meaningless jobs while pretending I actually care. (though I suck at pretending) Most of the people there irritate me, but I do have a small group of friends there that make working there worth the aggravation. Well, that pretty much sums me up. Cyndi will probably post her info later. For now, I'm signing off to do some cleaning.

Some of the ideas we have for the SnB:

Ok, Cyndi and I have been brainstorming, trying to come up with ideas.
In the old SnB, someone had started a yarn exchange. If you have any yarn you don't want, you bring it along, and add it to the bag, then others can go through and see if they want it. One person's trash, another one's treasure type of thing. That was always fun, and we want to continue that.
Another thing we are going to try is the birthday thing. If you send in the mini questionaire you'll notice we ask for your date of birth. We are trying to work out a way to bring cupcakes or some other treat along on someone's birthday, (if Panera has a problem with it, we'll work something out--get something there or something)
We could do knit-alongs--where if a bunch of us want to work on the same project, we could all work on it together and see each other progress.
We are bringing a donation box, which you dont have to participate in. Any donations will go towards birthday packs, random giveaways (still working on that idea) etc. Anyone who participates will see where the money is going (we'll keep the receipts in the box with a balance of what's left so everyone knows where the money is going) (side note: any questions or concerns on that, feel free to discuss with Cyndi)
Another cool idea I've seen is everyone gets together once or twice a year and knits/crochets objects to give away to a charity. We have alot of shelters around here, or various places where some hats, scarves and the like would be put to good use. Even the hospitals accept baby hats for newborns.
We could do field trips to Local Yarn Shops (or not so local). Cyndi and I like to take random trips to Philly every so often and hit the yarn shops there for some lovely yarn. There are also some great shops locally we could go to. I wanna check out where there are sheep and wool festivals. Maybe we can get a group together for that. When the weather gets warmer, we could take a free tour of Kraemer's Textiles (in Nazareth) and get a free sample of yarn.
(sorry, I'm really talkative right now--just looking forward to all the stitching that is forthcoming)
As Cyndi and I stated in the previous post, we are open to ANY suggestions and ideas you all might have. Don't hesitate to email us, we are friendly people (for the most part, hehe).
Once I see how many regulars we get, I want to put together a directory for us. That way if anyone wants to contact people, they have the means to do so. For example, knitting/crocheting questions with patterns or stitches--each of us have our own talents, and strengths--we could all help each other out. Another example, I get bored alot. I love knitting, and love knitting with others. We could always have mini SnB sessions. Once I get everything in my apartment situated, I won't mind having a small gathering of people come over.
Whew, I think I've rambled about ideas long enough. I'm just uber excited about meeting fellow stitchers. Heh.

Welcome the the new and improved Allentown SnB, where knitters and crocheters in the Lehigh Valley can get together to Stitch and Bitch. We were formerly meeting through, but unfortunately, that group dissolved, so we decided to make a new one here! This group is just getting started, but we are already planning on some new things to keep this group exciting. We encourage you to send in any ideas and suggestions to Jessica or Cyndi (
If you have received an email from us, we hope that you will give this group a chance, however, if you do not wish to receive any more emails from us, please let us know and we will remove you from the mailing list asap. If you just stumbled across this page and would like to be added to the mailing list, email Jessica or Cyndi ( When signing up, please provide us with the following information:
Phone #: (we will be putting together a directory in the future, so if you don't wish to be added to that, you may leave this field blank)
How long you've been knitting:
Currently, we will be meeting at the Panera Bread in Allentown (Village West Shopping Center, Cedar Crest Blvd & Tilghman St) twice a month. The next event will be on Wednesday, December 14th at 7:00pm. (just look for the yarn and needles sprawled across the table) We look forward to seeing you there!